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Select your desired time you want DoorDash to come by and pick up and deliver back your clothes. 


A DoorDash driver will come at your address at the time you selected during booking process.

Wash Time

We wash your clothes according to your preferences with maximum care.


Your fresh and clean clothes are packed and sent to you. DoorDash will deliver your freshly folded & packaged clothes in as soon as 8 hours!

Interested in our Laundry Pick Up and Delivery?

  • Price: for 24 hour delivery, $1.73 per Lb for 8 hour delivery ($20 Minimum for either).
  • Delivery Fee: $5.00 per trip (one direction) within a 3-mile radius of the store. $0.70 per additional mile. 
  • 8 or 24 hour turnaround time. Schedule your own pickup and delivery windows!
  • Pick Ups and Drop Offs are Monday through Saturday 8AM-8PM
  • Payments are processed through our safe secure website.
  • You don't need to be home during pick ups and drop offs, just give us a good location to leave your laundry items in the order notes.
  • Maximum order size is 50lbs of laundry!